Why socks are the best Christmas present. And how to find the perfect pair.

Christmas is fast approaching. The season of figuring out what gifts to buy and always running out of wrapping paper half-way through a present.

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably going to put it off. And then it’ll be too cold to go outside, so you’ll put it off again. Until, unexpectedly, it’s Christmas eve. You’ll panic and end up buying a pair of novelty socks at the checkout counter of your grocery store. 

Actually, you’ve got the right idea – socks are the best Christmas present. But finding the perfect pair requires just a little bit more thought.

Socks are the perfect Christmas gift because we all need them. Statistically, we lose 15 socks a year! So, given how little space they take up in our drawers, we can never have too many. Put simply: socks are essential.

Yes, essentials don’t seem like the most exciting gift to give. And if you’re shopping for a five-year-old that may well be true. But the mark of a truly artful gift-giver is finding presents that people actually need. So how do you find the perfect pair?

Go for color

Because socks are the one thing we always forget to buy ourselves when we do remember we usually go for neutral tones. Simply because they come in packs big enough to last a year – until we remember to buy some more. So, while you’ll be buying your loved ones something they need, a splash of color will make your gift more exciting.


Consider the weather

Socks don’t only keep our feet toasty – they also warm our hearts. How gloomy will the winter months be where you are? If it’s gray and cold, get bright patterned socks with exotic images. If it’s warm and sunny, create the feeling of a snowy wonderland with winter-colored socks.



Because there are so many patterns and colors to choose from, it’s easy to make socks a thought out, personal gift. Think of it as art. If you wanted to give your loved ones a painting, what would you get? You would consider how it fits with their style and what mood you want it to create. Socks are no different.


Wrapping matters

Half the fun of getting a gift is the wrapping. So, think about stopping by the store for some Christmas wrappers. But, if you don’t want one extra thing to worry about, go for socks with cool packaging. Check out ArtSocks gift boxes and award-winning frames packaging that will make your presents works of art. 


Shop online

With socks you don’t need to worry about the sizing, so why not get them online? You won’t need to put yourself through the holiday shopping rush. You’ll be able to pick out the best option over a cup of hot chocolate on your couch. And have them delivered to your doorstep… or the doorstep of the person you’re buying them for!


It turns out, buying a Christmas gift your loved ones will enjoy and appreciate is not that hard. Maybe you’ll even find something for yourself in the process?


Happy holidays!