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Making Your Life Artful

Our vision comes from the firm belief that every human being has a special artistic ability. No matter if you are the elegant dancer, the creative baker, the hobby singer, the exquisite chef, the ingenious painter or the...
VOI tutti create l'ARTE e noi l'amiamo!
We celebrate diversity and individuality. We are thrilled by human ingenuity and creativity. We’re not all the same. And that makes the world so beautiful. It’s the great artists who broke the rules by creating these great artworks and changed our perspectives.

By taking a boring everyday accessory and combining it with artwork we created a fashionable piece of art for your everyday life. With our Artsocks you turn your life into a work of art. Each of our socks stands for a maxim for a more positive and happier lifestyle.
Ora puoi indossare queste opere d'arte, sentire i loro valori e far parte di questo nuovo movimento artistico!




Winner of Silver Award for Packaging Design

No displayed painting is complete without the right frame: these two go hand in hand. Apart from its obvious function of protecting the work of art and allowing it to be hung, the frame allows the eye of the viewer to focus on the subject that surrounds it and to draw attention to its content by emphasizing its importance.

As a matter of fact, our packaging - in continuation of the artistic concept of our Artsocks collection - is designed to increase the value of its contents and take the Artsocks to the next level by making them the perfect choice for an extraordinary gift. The act of offering or receiving an Artsocks frame packaging thus becomes an entertaining and exciting moment!

Together with our partner Backbone we won the Silver Pentaward for packaging design. For more information read here.